Main events in 2016


Дата Событие
January, 1 New Year
January, 7 Orthodox Christmas
January, 27 Day of the break of the Siege of Leningrad in WWII
February, 23 Day of the Defender of Fatherland
March, 8 Women’s Day
24.03.1801 (215 years ago) Pavel I murdered.
4.04.1716 (300 years ago) Rastrelli family came to Petersburg to live. Bartolomeo Rastrelli created Winter Palace (Hermitage now) and other wonderful Palace in St. Petersburg.
May, 1 Easter
07.05.1840 (176 years ago) Tchaikovsky was born
09.05.1946 (70 years ago) Russian Museum opened after reconstruction after World War II
May 6-22 Ice Hockey World Cup in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
May, 27 St. Petersburg City Anniversary
June, 12 Day of Russia
10.07.1941 (75 years ago) Battle for the release of Leningrad started.
04.09.2016 Moscow City day.
18.09.1941 (75 years ago) German troops occupied Pushkin city.
19.10.1811 (205 years ago) Lyceum in Tzarskoe Selo was founded.
30.10.1821 (195 years ago) Dostoevsky was born.
October, 12 675th anniversary of Dmitry Donskoy – Grand Duke of Moscow & Vladimir
17.11.1796 (220 years ago) Pavel I became the Emperor.
November, 25-27 Robotics Expo in Moscow.
December, 12 Constitution Day
30.12.1916 (100 years ago) Grigory Rasputin was murdered in Yusoupov Palace.

Russia will host in the years to come:

– 150 years ago Dostoevsky wrote “ The crime and the punishment”.
– 700th anniversary of Ruble.
– 1591 (425 years ago) End of construction of the Donskoy Monastery in Moscow.
– 1856 (160 years ago) Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow was founded.
– 1866 (150 years ago) Moscow Conservatory was founded
* Soccer World Cup in 2018 in Moscow, Petersburg and other cities of Russia.